University of Roma, Tor Vergata

Studying in Rome will add an amazing cultural perspective to the quality of your studies. You will live in a city where you can perceive the passing of time by merely strolling across its central streets: ancient, Middle-Age, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassicial and Modern Rome are ready to be discovered. It is a centre for inter-religious debate and a place where the founding Treaty for the European Union was signed. In Rome you will be able to enjoy all this, surrounded by a gentle climate, arts and music, fashion and food. More

Sapienza Università di Roma

Sapienza Università di RomaBorn by the will of Popw Boniface VII who, on 20 April 1303, with the papal bull in Supremae praeminatia Dignitatis, established the Studium Urbis in Rome , with over 120,000 students (2022) it is the largest university in Europe , long the only state university in Rome . More

University of Padua

The PhD Training week offers an innovative training in soft and transferable skills, which will equip the University of Padua (Unipd) PhD students with the key communication and organizational competences that are expected from modern scientists, preparing to play a leading role in academia, in the private or in the public sector. More

American University of Switzerland

The American Institute of Applied Sciences in Switzerland (AUS) is a private, internationally accredited institution that offers Business Administration degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels, as well as industry-specific specializations. More

INTI university

At INTI, we understand the importance of providing a scholarship to deserving students. We believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity for a brighter future regardless of financial standing. More

Transport and Telecommunication University

The Bachelor of Social Sciences in Management programme builds a platform for career advancement or starting a business. A magnificent feature of the programme is the combination of classical higher education and innovative approaches to the training of specialists. At the last year of study, each student will have the opportunity to choose one of the proposed specializations. More

Riga Technical University

RTU is a modern internationally recognized university. It is the only polytechnic university in Latvia and the largest university in the country – it educates and trains almost 15 thousand students. More


Students of University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw can get education at 3 faculties: Architecture, Ecology and Management, and take the following scientific degrees as an engineer, engineer-architect, landscape engineer-architect, licentiate, and master engineer. The university prepares 11 specializations in these areas. More

Lazarski University

Lazarski University was ranked the best university in Poland in the most recent edition of U-Multirank, a global ranking funded by the European Commission of over 1200 universities worldwide. More


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