Rutgers University–Newark

Newark, N.J., isn’t merely part of our address; it’s an integral part of who and what we are, and has been since our founding more than a century ago.   “We” are thousands of students and educators, the staff who support them, and the leaders who guide them all.  We come from across the state, across the nation and across the oceans, but we aren’t merely visitors. 

We take pride in being a deeply engaged urban university located in New Jersey’s largest, oldest city.  Our urban environment shapes and defines us in special ways, from classes that use Newark itself as a learning laboratory, to partnerships with local corporations and non-profits. Our academic, cultural  and recreational programs attract visitors all year round, while our law school’s clinics provide legal services to the public, and our business school offers services for business start-ups. Rutgers students tutor and mentor in area schools, volunteer at local food banks, and more. 

We also play a vital role in economically reinvigorating and developing our home city.  As our enrollment has grown, we have added new academic buildings, residence halls and retail stores, making ours a real 24/7 campus.  Nearby are restaurants, and cultural and recreational facilities such as the Newark Museum, New Jersey Performing Arts Center, the Bears and Eagles Stadium, and the Prudential Arena.

Rutgers University - Newark.  We are far more than a collection of buildings and grounds; we are a community of learning, leadership, and commitment.  We strive always to be a good neighbor whose strength of character is defined not merely by actions, or words or history, but by the combination of all three.


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